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Do I need a permit for a Pond?

If your pond is deeper than 2' you do require a permit by the city of Edmonton to have a pond. Read more about the City of Edmonton Pond Permit.

You will also require an Alberta One Call before we can start construction on your pond.

Do you only build large ponds and water features?

We construct ponds and water features of all sizes! We customize our design to blend into your outdoor space perfectly.

Do I need to worry about mosquitoes breeding in my pond?

Since mosquitos breed only in still water you do not need to worry about them breeding if you have a pump, waterfall, or fountain. If you are still concerned about mosquitos, adding fish to your pond will ensure there are no mosquitoes breeding as their larva is a natural food for koi.

When should I clean out my pond?

The spring clean-out should be the big pond cleaning that that is done each year. Depending on the previous maintenance of the pond, this could be quite an extensive task that should include draining and vacuuming, as well as liner repairs and filter replacements. Pristine Ponds offers a Spring Maintenance package that will take care of the mess for you, as well as Summer and Fall Maintenance packages that will make sure your pond stays healthy all year round.

Why is my water green?

Pond water can turn green due to microscopic free floating algae. You may notice this happens mostly in the spring when the pond is getting more direct sunlight. This alga is not harmful to your pond but if the green colour persists into the summer months it may be due to an unbalanced pond. If you are seeing green water for more than a month call Pristine Ponds to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help your pond recover.

Do I need a filter for my pond?

If you do not have fish in your pond then a filter is not necessary but highly recommended. Filters help your ponds water quality, clarity, and generally help keep the pond healthy. Finding the proper size of pump and filter for your pond is essential and Pristine Ponds can help you in the design, construction, and make filter and pump recommendations for your pond.

How do I get rid of algae?

A small amount of algae is a good thing, but if your algae seem to be getting out of control a number of factors may be causing it, including too many plants or too many fish. If reducing either of these does not help, a pond maintenance service would be beneficial in finding a solution to your algae problem. We use a commercial grade hydrogen peroxide solution.

Our Pond is Cloudy?

A pond that is not clear most often comes from sediment that is suspended in the water. We use a flocculant called Rapid Clear which binds to the excess silt and settles to the bottom of the pond. Which allows for easy removal from the pond.

Do I need to fertilize my plants?

Yes, you will need to fertilize your plants if you want them to thrive, especially if you do not have fish in your pond. You will want to stop feeding your plants as part of your fall clean-up and move tropical plants inside for the winter months.


If you have any other questions about your pond or water feature, please call our pond experts at 780-819-9543 and we will be happy to arrange a free consultation.