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Pond Repair

A water feature provides a beautiful accent to an outdoor living space and is the perfect place to de-stress with its soothing sounds. Pristine Pond constructs high-quality and long lasting ponds, however, they do require maintenance and repair from time to time.


Common Pond and Water Feature Problems:

Leaks | Liner Repair | Obstruction Repair | Low Edge Repair

Is it a leak or is water evaporating at a high rate? Some water feature owners do not realize how much water can evaporate in the summer heat. During a heatwave, ponds can lose an average of 1 to 1.5” of water each week. Though this is less common in Alberta it could happen especially with waterfall and fountain features.

If you’re not sure that your water loss is not from evaporation call Pristine Ponds, our Pond Experts will be able to determine if the pond leak is from a torn liner, obstruction, low edge, or excessive plant or algae growth.

Broken Pumps | Filters Replacement | Pump Repair | Pump Replacement

Even the best quality pumps require maintenance and repair. For your pump to last as long as possible, it is best to make sure you are cleaning your filter regularly and making sure to control fish and plant population. If your pump has stopped working call Pristine Ponds as soon as possible. Leaving a pond without a pump for any length of time can cause more severe issues such as excessive algae growth.

Broken Light Repair | Light Replacement | UV Light Repair

Lights can add a beautiful ambiance to backyard ponds in the evening and UV lights can prove useful in the fight against poor water quality. Depending on how lights have been installed they can be challenging to replace when broken. Let Pristine Ponds take the problem off your hands; we will perform the repairs and also do a maintenance check on the pond to make sure everything is in working order all at the same time!

Poor Water Quality | Water Testing | Algae Control | Plant Control | Sludge Control

Poor water quality is a persistent problem with ponds, especially those without a filter. Maintaining a properly balanced pond or water feature takes effort. Due diligence in water quality testing and ample research in adding the perfect amount of fish, plants, and bacteria are essential for a balanced pond. Finding the perfect balance for your pond size can be tricky, which is why consulting a pond expert like Pristine Ponds is a great decision if you are having water troubles.